Beijing to invest $60 million to build sub-center’s museum and library in 2019

2019-02-28 13:17 千龍網

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Beijing will invest 400 million yuan (60 million U.S. dollars) to build the sub-center’s museum and library in 2019.

Besides, the Beijing’s public finance will give a priority to the cultural relics’ conservation, tourism & culture, museums, industrial site renovation and brick and mortar bookstores etc for the city’s construction of culture center, one of its four important strategic function positions.

According to Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, a sum of 200 million yuan of fixed-asset investment will be used to construct a public library and an intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall in the sub-center this year.

It will also roll out a special tour of museum, build a museum tour brand and establish a regional museum collection data conservation center to activate museum resources.

Beijing will issue cultural spending electronic coupons of 50 million yuan in favor of people and enable them to enjoy high quality cultural products and services.

In terms of cultural relics’ conservation, the budget will focus on the following: the conservation of the central axis, the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, the Great Wall Cultural Belt, and Xishan-Yongding River Cultural Belt etc.

The museum project in the sub-center will also get a fixed-asset investment of 200 million yuan, which is to start construction in 2019.

In aspect of industrial historical relics renovation, Beijing Industry Museum’s construction scheme is to be finished within 2019.

As for the support to brick and mortar bookstores, a total of 106 million yuan will be used for no less than 200 bookstores so as to improve local residents’ reading level.


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