• Graffiti walls for community governance

    A group of graffiti walls debuted at Sijiyuan Community of Babaoshan Subdistrict in Shijingshan District of Beijing recently. The walls are highly praised for...

  • Beijing’s first Exclusive Bike Lane to come

    Beijing’s first Exclusive Bike Lane, about 6,500 meters, is expected to be put into use in June. It will serve for the commuting trips between Huilongguan and Shangdi, establishing a slow traffic system.


  • Highlights of Gov't Work Report

    Li Keqiang delivered the government work report on behalf of the State Council during the second session of the 13th National People's Congress.

  • 2019年《政府工作報告》雙語要點


  • China's foreign policy: hot topic

    What kind of challenges is the world facing today? What is China’s role? Let’s get some ideas from He Yafei, former vice-minister of foreign affairs.

  • 全球網友的關注-|:中國的外交政策


  • A jacket made in China goes viral

    It’s sold on Amazon for $100. And it’s the most popular coat of the winter, at least among a certain set of stylish uptown women.

  • 國產羽絨服在紐約街頭撞衫率爆表

    據美媒報道__-,中國一個羽絨服品牌在美國電商網站亞馬遜上成爆款-,被稱為“亞馬遜外套”(Amazon coat)--,紐約街頭隨處可見穿著這件羽絨服的人|__。

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